There are only two kinds of people in this world. People who HAVE a Blue Lizard Loyal Lizardian Lounge Loyalty card, and people who WISH they had one. Odds are you already have one. What's that you say? You dont yet?! Shhhh! Wouldn't want that embarrassing tidbit to get out. Get your tail down to the Lounge and get one, it doesn't cost anything. Use it every time you come to the Lounge to get rewarded for being awesome.

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How It Works

Present the card when you come to the Lounge. For every $1 you spend you earn a point. Once you get to ten points, they'll be converted to $1 and credited to your card. Next time you come in you can use it for $1 off or you can continue to save points and add cash value. The value on your card can be used for drinks, additional bowls, merchandise, etc., not just towards your cover charge. But then again, why not save it and use it for a totally free night or even to buy that new hookah you wanted.

Loyal Lizardian Lounge Card